Risk Management


A prominent (and well-funded) digital health startup was struggling with several server / site performance and security issues, including platform instability upon reaching very low thresholds of concurrent users. They also wanted to “up their game” with regard to pre-launch testing processes and platform certifications.


I helped the startup realize that they do not have the appropriate level of risk management expertise or processes in place, and put a training and implementation plan together, to fill the gaps. I also helped this and other organizations source the appropriate, certified / credentialed third parties for what I consider to be requisite platform testing (e.g., load and penetration testing, security, privacy, GDPR, HIPAA, HITRUST, etc.).


Subsequently, the firm’s primary platform was certified as HITRUST, and they were able to scale their concurrent user capabilities by 10x. Project management and on-time client delivery also greatly improved (with an overall improvement of >30%), benefiting from the new risk management frameworks and processes.