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A large, global connected medical device company knew that some of their legacy IT platforms / systems were incompatible with their newly-developed strategic aims and objectives (with much more focus on digital and population health management capabilities), and needed a 5-year technology roadmap so that they could begin aligning, replacing and implementing the appropriate platform technologies that would get them to where they wanted to go.


Beginning with establishing a cross-functional search and selection team, we collaboratively walked through a stage-gate search process, including initial requirements gathering, market survey, identification, due diligence and finalist selection phases. Establishing a cross-functional core team (consisting of members who would later be functional champions during the implementation and training stages) in such circumstances is key to securing and maintaining downstream stakeholder and overall organizational support. Additionally, we were able to successfully identify a solution set (in Salesforce Health Cloud, along with other Salesforce ecosystem components) that fulfilled many cross-functional needs and supported a myriad number of organizational and business processes: Clinical, operational, sales, marketing, service, CRM, security, regulatory, CRM and financial.


While just finishing Stage 1 of the multi-year implementation process, the executive team is confident that the new platforms are and will be perfectly aligned with their core strategic vision, state-of-the-art digital capabilities and the evolving needs of their consumers / customers and their other key stakeholders.